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Consulting with our Digital Marketing team.

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You have a vision for your business online and Elionn Digital has the specialists that will consult with you to bring your digital marketing campaign to life.

Writing the brief.

Elionn Digital will need to know a bit of info about your company so that we can get a feel for how they should design your web site to match your goals.

  1. A couple of paragraphs about your company.
  2. The products you sell or services you provide.
  3. Are you an international company? If so, which countries? This is important when registering your domain.
  4. How long have you been established?
  5. Describe the company using five or ten keywords (e.g. young,vibrant,technology based,product,service etc).

Your old website.

If you have an existing web site, firstly, let the web design company know the URL! (the website address). Then answer the following questions:

  1. What is good about the website?
  2. What is bad about the website? (i.e. old colour schemes, out-dated design)
  3. How long ago was it built? and who built it?(We may have to get some info from them)
  4. What levels of traffic is it currently receiving.
  5. How often do you get a genuine sales lead through the web site?
  6. Who is responsible for updating the site?

Your new website.

What do you need from the new website?

  1. Outline your goals and expectations of the new website (to increase traffic, increase product awareness, lead generation,generate more sales, offer e-commerce, advertise a new product or service)
  2. Who is the target audience? Demographics.
  3. Is the new website part of a re-brand or a new product launch?
  4. Is there other advertising taking place that the new web site should tie in with?
  5. What are the unique selling points for your company,your products or your services, local, international.
  6. List a few competitors web sites.

The design style you prefer for your new website.

The web site should be an extension of any offline media, advertising or branding that you have. It is always helpful to be provided with a brochure, some marketing literature or the annual report to help get a feel for the company.
It is worthwhile noting three or four web sites that you like. 
Do you have access to any corporate and product images? 
Another area that is always overlooked is copy writing. Have you got the content prepared to go into your new web site? This will ultimately be the decider on your website launch date.

The most important point to remember:
Focus on your Goal

- while the deatails of how you accomplish your goal may change, know what you want to achieve and go for it with total commitment.

Read this article, it may not be about websites and digital marketing, it is about keeeping your goal in mind and not only brings home the amazing capabilities of digital technology but also how you can achieve your dreams and goals by focussing on the purpose of your efforts.

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