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  • Brand identity: Why it is important

Brand identity: Why it is important

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Brand Identity and Brand Awareness are often confused as being of the same entities and that they should fill the same thought processes in a business marketing budget and planning strategies.

While identity and awareness will start to cross over into each-others sphere of influence this will only take place down the line of your company journey.

Looking at your product and after some brain-storming, you start to think of how can create a unique Brand Identity for your business

Brand Identity

So you start with a Logo-something that portrays either a personal character trait or the product image.

Then you add your business motto and your distinguishing characteristics which very often lead to the way you want the consumer to identify with your brand, product and company ethos.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness only starts happening when the marketing stage of the journey kicks off .This could start with something as simple as word of mouth from friends and family. I still believe that this is possibly the best form of marketing for any business. While some of it will happen on a face to face basis, with the massive rise in importance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. friends have become massive influencers of each other through post sharing and commenting.

The platforms you use to create brand awareness also attract different demographics and effect the way the different market segments will identify with your brand and therefore your product.

The sense or feel a person gets when they see this advertising, will hopefully persuade them to identify with the image or persona you have created.

Customers are way more exposed to information today than they were 10 years ago and can be quick to follow a brand if they feel that the brand resonates with them on many levels, from quality of product to social responsibility and good business practice.

By creating a strong Brand Identity and then using the many avenues out there to market your products and creating Brand awareness, consistently maintaining high standards and communicating with your customer base, your Brand stands a strong chance of being highly successful.