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  • Are you achieving your Digital Marketing goals?

Are you achieving your Digital Marketing goals?

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Is your website growing your business?

When you had your website built, what was your GOAL?

    1. To create more business?

    2. Increasing digital brand exposure?

    3. Just a web prescence?

       If your answer was:

a) To get more business? - Are you?

  • Do you know what leads your website is generating for your business?
  • When do your users visit?
  • How do you acquire users?
  • Where are your users?
  • How are your active users trending over time?
  • How well do you retain users?
  • What are your top devices?
  • What pages do your users visit?

b) Increasing Digital Brand exposure? - Have You?

  • Are you using Adwords, Display Ads, You Tube?
  • Are you posting on social media - Facebook, instagram, Twitter etc.?
  • Have you run email campaigns?
  • Are doing A/B testing to see which emails are been opened the most and what links are being clicked on?
  • Are you creating stunning landing pages for your email campaigns?
  • Are you running Analytics and analyzing and actioning the data?
  • What SEO is being done on your website?

c) Just a Web Prescence?

This is often the case with small budgets and, although a web presence adds a certain amount of credibility to your business, a badly designed site with poor content and navigation will do more harm than good.

are you achieving your Digital marketing goals?

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